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Request An Appointment

When making appoinments, please leave us a phone number where we can reach you just before the visit.  It is also recommended that you call the office before leaving to the office for a status check.  Please notify us if you are not able to keep your appoinment, a 24-hour notice is very much appreciated.  This enable us to contact someone who may need that appoinment time.  


Your Appointment:
Due to the nature of Obstetrics it is possible that an appoinment may need to be rescheduled or delayed due to a delivery or an emergency.  In such cases, the intervention of a physician that will be there for you when the crisis arrives will be needed.  Our nurse practitioner, Irma Marriot, RNC, who specializes in preventive women’s healthcare will be happy to work with you and fit you into her schedule if you are having difficulty rescheduling your appoinment, or in case you need to be seen immediately.  We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.